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Cedar Chest Treasures

Inspiration from the wardrobes of our Grandmothers

It is a delight to study any item of vintage clothing, but pieces with history behind them–especially the history of your own family–have a special charm. To examine or wear an actual vintage piece, not just a reproduction, brings the stories of years past alive in a new way.

Do you have such a family heirloom?–a dress passed down from a Grandmother; a hat collection from a Great-Aunt; Great-Grandmother’s wedding gown, worn by generations of brides? What story does your dress contain, and how are you carrying on its legacy?

Or has an old family picture inspired your sewing?–a girl in a pretty 40s dress standing proudly next to her uniformed husband; a solemn, white-clad graduate from the early 1900s; a pair of round-eyed children in adorable dresses? What patterns have you found to reproduce the vintage look? Did you incorporate any old-fashioned or heirloom sewing techniques?

We would love to hear how your vintage style has been influenced by the wardrobe of your Grandmothers!