Write for ITF

If you’re interested in writing for ITF but can’t decide on a topic, perhaps one of these will spark your interest! Articles may be submitted via email to intimelyfashion@gmail.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Topic Ideas:

  • Old Fashions for the Holidays
  • Vintage Ready-made (Your thoughts on the recent retro trend? Suggestions for would-be past-dressers who don’t sew? What is available off-the-rack?)
  • Old Fashions for a New Baby
  • Fashions from Gene Stratton Porter’s Limberlost books
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall: the Costumes
  • Titanic Hairstyle How-to

Abraham Lincoln said it: He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help. We aren’t so much interested in articles finding fault with today’s fashions as we are in those that will provide practical tips on creating a feminine wardrobe inspired by the past.

ITF is ever on the lookout for high-quality articles on the theme of recovering femininity and grace in women’s fashion. Instructional articles on arranging hair or recreating a period accessory are of especial interest. We would also like to see more items on drawing from film costume for everyday wear.

Articles accompanied by high quality digital images are especially appreciated. We also welcome digital photograph and copyright-free image submissions. Images must be saved in .jpg or .gif format. This is easily done with photo editing software. No image should exceed 150kb. If you are sending more than 3 files, please zip them first, using a program like WinZip. If you are unable to send digital images, but have photograph prints, please contact us.

We prefer original submissions, but will also consider reproducing articles previously published if permitted by copyright. (Vintage articles published prior to 1926 are acceptable, since they fall under the “older than 77 years” rule.) For information on copyright law and how it relates to publishing online, please visit http://www.benedict.com/info/info.asp.

By accepting your article, we in no way guarantee its publication, nor do we retain exclusive rights. Your article will include byline, brief biography and picture, if provided. At this time, we are unable to offer monetary payment for articles accepted.