Gibson Girl Updo

These instructions are from the perspective of someone else doing your hair. I don’t know how these instructions would work if you tried it on yourself. I would suggest you find a friend or sister to practice on until you learn it. Also, I bought two hair rats at The largest they carry is 10″ which snaps together at the ends. The rats fit an eight year old comfortably, but would fit an adult very snugly (like a hat). An adult might find 12″ rats, but I really think the 10″ will work. You will also need both kinds of hair pins: bobby pins and hair pins. This is a fairly difficult hairstyle, so if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t despair!

Katie E. Allison
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Gibson Braids

This is one of my favorite Edwardian styles–it is so easy and beautiful! can do it on myself, so I am confident that others will be able to easily as well. My model is my 8 year old sister, Anna. She just loves buns and braids, and allows me to pull and tug on her hair to my heart’s content!

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Regency Variation

This style is a variation on the basic Regency upsweep that I demonstrated first. To create this hairstyle, you will part the front section of your hair (over your ears) in the center and “reserve” the sections of hair on either side of your face while you are fixing the rest of the style. I find that this style works best on damp hair (not wringing wet, but nearly dry). If you have fine or flyaway hair, I recommend scrunching it with some lightweight styling gel. If your hair is not naturally curly, you can curl it first or sleep in pincurls. Here we go!
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