About ITF


A lifelong lover of period fashion, Jennie Chancey has been at the forefront of a revival of femininity in women’s fashions since 1996 when she began her custom dressmaking business Sense and Sensibility Clothing. At the birth of her third son, she quit sewing professionally, but has continued to offer her expanding line of historical patterns. She serves as our promotions director and consultant to the Editor.

Amanda Kastner has always loved history, dresses, colors, and drawing. What better way to combine them all than to design and sew historically-inspired clothing? Since drafting her first outfit in 2001, she’s continued to develop her interest and abilities in sewing and designing. In 2006 she started Hint of History, a line of vintage-inspired patterns. She became ITF‘s Editor in 2008.

Aylwen Garden took over as Editor and Web Publisher in late 2006. She began her online dressmaking business, Regency Reproductions, after her fourth child was born in 2001. She manages a historical dance troupe The Bordonian Heritage Dancers and helps her husband, John, to run the family business Earthly Delights. She resigned as Editor in 2008.


Sewing, writing, and beautiful gowns her obsessions from girlhood, Rebecca Newton began her online dressmaking business, Baker Lane Dressmaking & Design, after graduation from highschool in 1998. She resigned as our Editor-in-Chief and site designer in 2006.


An artist, Muriah Rose finds past dressing a satisfying artistic outlet, as well as a quiet revolution against the ugliness prevalent in fashion and the creative arts today. The inspiration for ITF came to her when she discovered the online community of “past-dressers” at Jennie Chancey’s forum and realized there were other women who wore their period-inspired fashions everyday. The dream was realized when she persuaded Mrs. Chancey and Miss Newton to oversee the site’s production. Ms. Rose created our entry page graphic. She hopes the website will be enjoyed by many kindred spirits who share an affection for the fashions of the past.