Molly’s Wardrobe: White Evening Gown

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Worn by Molly in episode four when she and Roger first meet again, this dress differs from Molly’s other gowns in that it is more fashionable and up-to-date.

The bodice is long and fitted, with a slightly pointed center front waistline. It is most likely boned to keep its shape. The neckline is a wide, gentle V-shape, edged in wide lace which varies in width. (See diagram.) The lace extends from the center front, over the sleeves, and to the center back. It has a small, delicate flower at the center front, adding some color to an otherwise all-white ensemble. The neckline is piped and also has a narrow, sheer ruffle which appears to be mounted just inside the neckline. The bodice closes in the back, and since there are no visible buttons, it is most likely with hook and loop fastenings.

The sleeves are characteristic of most evening gowns of the period, being short gigot sleeves. The skirt is gathered in the back, leaving the front smooth.

This gown, while impractical for most modern day uses, would make a lovely wedding gown! Silk satin or taffeta would be most suitable; light-weight fabrics would not hold the silhouette unless underlined with a more substantial fabric.

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