Molly’s Wardrobe: White Ball Gown

NOTE: These images were lost when the site moved; if you have screenshots to share, please contact the editor!

Deemed an appropriate color for young ladies’ evening and ball dresses, white seems to be used exclusively for Molly’s. This gown is particularly interesting as it once again exhibits the ‘wing’ piece that is mounted onto the top of the sleeve, similar to Cynthia’s Dinner Dress. The sleeves are banded and puffed. The ‘wings’ are rounded with scalloped edges (pinked?), and have an embroidered floral motif in the center of each. They are gently gathered and mounted onto the sleeve cap. This is done before the sleeve is sewn into position the armscye.

The gown’s low, rounded neckline is trimmed with a bias cut self fabric band. This band appears to be embroidered with a trailing floral motif. The fan-front bodice is gathered onto a waistband. The skirt has a deep, double ruffled hem. The ruffles seems to have scalloped edges too, echoing the sleeves. The front of the skirt is flat, with the center back gathered.

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