Molly’s Wardrobe: Sprigged Cotton Dress

NOTE: These images were lost when the site moved; if you have screenshots to share, please contact the editor!

This is the only ‘new’ dress Molly wears in episode three. It is an interesting design, with changeable inserts for the bodice front (one is just that, an inset, and the other is a chemisette). This makes the gown quite versatile!

The bodice is constructed much like the Plaid Jumper: a deep V-neckline that reaches down to the waistband, as well as the double darts on either side. The V is piped with a narrow self fabric covered piping. The bodice sports gigot sleeves, typical of many of Molly’s later dresses. The skirt is gauged.

The first ‘insert’ is made up in the same fabric as the dress. It has buttons down the center, with piping flanking the buttons on either side. The neckline is rounded and also piped. I would guess that this particular piece probably is shaped like a chemisette, having a rectangular front and back, just sewn together at the shoulder. The raw edges would either be bound or narrowly hemmed. There would most likely be casings sewn at the bottom edge of each piece, and narrow twill tape threaded though. The buttons down the front may in fact be working, making it easy to get on and off. The twill tape would be tied once you have it on to keep the chemisette from shifting around. Watch out that the rectangular pieces are long enough so that the bottom edge doesn’t pop out over the bottom of the V-neck.

The next piece worn to fill the neckline is indeed a classic chemisette. It sports a sheer embroidered collar.

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