Molly’s Wardrobe: Red Stripe Gown

NOTE: These images were lost when the site moved; if you have screenshots to share, please contact the editor!

This is the gown Molly wears while at the Towers, strolling in the garden with Roger.

The bodice treatment is most interesting. The gown is constructed in a red stripe material, and the bodice has been pieced in such a way that the stripes form chevrons down the center front. This was most likely done by cutting the front in two pieces on the bias, which also helps in the fit of the bodice, since there are no visible darts. One has to be very careful when sewing the center front seam to create the ‘V’s’, as they are easily mismatched and the effect is lost. I would recommend basting the seam together before permanently stitching it. The neckline is rounded and has a wide white work collar with a pin worn at the center front. The sleeves are gigot, though not very ‘puffy’ at the cap. It has a waistband and the skirt is done in the usual manner with the smooth front and gathering at sides and back.

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