Molly’s Wardrobe: Plaid Jumper

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In episode two, Molly wears a pretty plaid jumper to the Miss Brownings’ card party. It is striking in construction and style, sporting once again, very interesting sleeves.

The jumper itself is a V-neck that dips down to the waistband. The jumper bodice front is darted, with two darts on either side. It has a waistband that is cut on the bias, and is probably 1″-1.5″ wide. It is not obvious in the movie how the skirt is treated, but it would be safe to say that the flat front and gathered back treatment would be most appropriate. It is also not evident how one gets in and out of the jumper. Since the bodice is open, one might be able to slip it over your head to get into it, but this would put undue stress on the seams. A lapped placket on the left side could be closed with hooks and loops.

The blouse has sheer sleeves and lace collar, but the bodice material appears to be more opaque. The collar is a wide ‘peter-pan’ style. The front placket is edged in a narrow ruffle on either side (very narrow, to avoid making it look like something out of the 1970s) and employs buttons for closure. The sleeve is made up of a set of four puffs. To make a sleeve like this, it would probably be wise to start with a basic full sleeve pattern. I would recommend lengthening it in order to get the individual puffs. There are three narrow bands on the sleeves, made out of the same plaid as the jumper, and cut on the bias. The cuff is a turn-back style, edged in a narrow ruffle and cut out of the same plaid on the bias. The bands could be made of ribbon or self bias bands and cuffs to making the blouse more versatile.

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