Diana’s Wardrobe: Anne of Green Gables

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Have you ever watched a movie with your sketchbook in hand, trying to record the costumes as they move across the screen, asking yourself, “Now how does that dress go together?” If you have, this page is a wonderful reference of screenshots and descriptions of Anne’s dresses!

Pink Picnic Dress
A lovely, girlish style! The dress is made of a pink print material, most likely a cotton. The collar is a sailor style with the front edges gently curved from the center front to the edges. It is trimmed with a light pink trim along the edge, and the same trim is placed further in the collar in double rows. The collar has a tie at the center front, also trimmed with the same trim as the collar. The neckline is filled with a dickey made of a sheer white plaid cut on the diagonal.

The bodice sports a pointed waist and is fitted with darts. The sleeves are puffed at the cap and have three rows of trim that slope toward the back (see the picture). The sleeves end at the elbow and have a wide cuff below the elbow. The cuff is trimmed with three rows of trim. The skirt is gathered, starting at the side hip and continuing to the back. The skirt is also trimmed, this time with only four rows towards the hem.

Tea Dress

This dress consists of three pieces: a blouse, skirt, and pinafore. The blouse is made of a sheer white print material. It has a standing collar with a notch in the center. The sleeves are gathered at the cap and slightly at the cuff. The sleeves end with a wide cuff (approximately 2″-3″). The blouse fastens down the back with buttons.

The pinafore is made of a medium blue-on-blue print. It has a modified v-neck (see photograph) on the bib portion. The neckline and edges of the bib are finished with a ruffled lace that appears to be eyelet. The skirt portion of the pinafore is separated from the bib by a waistband. The skirt is flat in front and is gathered in the back into a bustle effect. There is a self-fabric bow at the back with long tails. The skirt is of the same print fabric as the pinafore. It is hard to tell how the skirt is constructed, but it appears to be either gathered or lightly pleated.

Christmas Dress

Diana’s mauve dress worn to the Christmas ball has a low, rounded neckline with wide, double, satin-like ruffles (same color as dress). The neckline has purple piping round it, while the ruffles have a “fluffy,” soft purple lace trim. The neckline is filled with a striped, sheer inset that has a short, standing collar with a wide, sheer lace ruffle. The bodice is gathered at the center front waist and is otherwise plain. The sleeves consist of two parts: a short, puffed cap that ends a little less than halfway between the shoulder and elbow, and a fitted portion below. At the wrist there is purple piping separating the sleeve from the cuff. The cuff has double ruffles (again, the same “satin” fabric as the collar) with the ruffles edged in the light purple lace. The skirt is gently gathered all around the waist but appears to be made of two or three gores (this is not apparent in the film). The skirt hem has a double row, like the collar and cuffs, with a bow at the lower left edge of the skirt.

Sailor Blouse

A pretty cream blouse in a “sailor” style. The collar is a v-neck sailor type (square in back) with one row of blue trim applied. There is a narrow inset in the neckline with two rows of trim. The collar is finished with a blue tie. The long sleeves are set in at the cap and gently gathered at the cuff. The cuff is 2.5″-3″ wide. The bodice is long, and eased into the waistband (so as to have a little “puff” when the waistband is buttoned). The waistband is secured with two buttons on the left side.
[Editor’s note: This was an especially popular item during the Edwardian era, as evidenced by pages and pages of “middy” styles in mail order catalogues of the day!]

Summer Dress

This dress is made of a blue-on-blue print fabric. The collar is a sailor style, rounded in the back and edged with white ruffled eyelet lace. It is also trimmed with a flat white trim (approximately 3/8″ wide), set in from the edge. The neckline is filled with a standing collar dickey. The bodice is fitted with darts, has a pointed waist, and is buttoned down the front. The sleeves are puffed at the cap and fitted on the lower arm. The cuff is a “trumpet” style with the widest part pointing toward the shoulder (approximately 4″-5″ wide). It is edged with eyelet lace at the edge of the cuff and the wrist and white trim midway down the cuff. The bodice is worn with the same skirt and overskirt as Diana’s Tea Dress.

Diana’s Pinafores

The first of Diana’s pinafores is of a blue material with a vertical stripe in a deeper shade of blue. The neckline is jewel, and the pinafore sports a rounded yoke. The yoke is edged with lace, and the skirt is gathered and attached under the yoke. The yoke is secured with one button. There is a patch pocket and two tucks at hem.

The second is yet another blue one, this time a blue windowpane plaid. The collar is in a wide “Peter Pan” style, edged with lace. It opens down the front with a placket and closes with two buttons. The skirt portion is gather and attached beneath the collar.

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